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Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work?
  • Can you attempt my question?
  • How can I use your work?
    • We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards by ensuring that any piece of copyrighted material is used in accordance with International laws. You may find further information regarding the same under our ‘Fair Use Policy.’ We advise you to also consult your Institution’s guidelines should you have any doubts or uncertainties.
  • How do I know that your work will meet your promises?
    • EduWorkers have been pioneers in providing quality Academic Writing solutions, which enables us to confidently guarantee the services that we offer. All of our works are undertaken by well qualified and experienced writers and also rechecked by our quality control team to ensure that it complies with your specific requirements. As a safeguard, we offer you a complete guarantee of satisfaction, meaning, if you are in any way, shape or form not totally satisfied with the work, we will amend it for you – free of charge. Simply ensure that your express your area(s) of concern within 15 days (30 days for works above 5,000 word limit). Beyond this guarantee, we can also assure you that all of our experts have a 2:1 degree or higher. Most of them are postgraduates with immense professional experience. Thus, if you wish to specify any particular level of qualification of the expert that we appoint for your task, you are welcome to do so. All the experts on our database have provided us with their Academic credentials, identity and writing skills. Added to this, we do a timely calibration of all of our experts in order to maintain our quality standards and have tasks and assignments that are produced in compliance with the level of work that meet EduWorkers expectations.
  • What can I ask for in my order?
    • You are welcome to give us any directives according to your variables, such as:
    • 1. The exact title to be answered

      2. The referencing style to be used

      3. The standard and word count

      4. Exact structure and

      5. Specific sources

      We will comply with all your instructions and provide you with what you have requested.

Our Company

  • Who are we?
  • How do I contact you?
  • How can I trust your company?
    • EduWorkers.com is primarily a trading name of a limited company, EduWorkders Ltd., which is a registered company at Companies House. To verify the authenticity of our Organization, simply visit the Companies House website. Consequently, you may also verify our authenticity by depositing a few pence in our HSBC bank account and asking us how much it was. This will ease your mind of any doubts in knowing that our Organization is based in the U.K. and works with the HSBC Bank in processing any payments. We are happy to provide you with our HSBC Bank Account details. Further to this, our friendly customer support team would take great pleasure in addressing any of your questions or concerns.
  • Can I visit your offices?
    • YES! We would be delighted to have any journalist or customer visit our office. All we ask is that you call us in advance and set up a suitable time.

Our Service

  • How does this work?
  • You proclaim to be the best custom essay service in the UK - why?
  • Aren't you the same as other essay providers?
    • As has been mentioned, EduWorkers.com have been the pioneers and true innovators of the Essay market in the U.K. and thus this service. We are ever striving to better ourselves and the services we provide, thus you can rest assured of our products and services.
  • What do you offer that other essay companies don’t?
    • Our services and products extend beyond what has been mentioned thus far. With us, you have the assurance that the work that we produce for you will never be published nor be placed in any other essay bank. This is very unlike most of our competitors. Other Organizations have tried to replicate our mannerisms but come nowhere close to matching our guarantees.
      Another benefit that we offer is that of a – money back guarantee. If we fail to provide you the requisite services within the allotted timeframe, we WILL give you your money back. This is a guarantee, not only in terms of etiquette but they are part of our terms and conditions and make us liable as per the U. K. law.
      Furthermore, we provide you with services that are indeed International in standard. Our services are offered not just in the U. K., but also in the U.S.A., Canada and Australia. These are noteworthy factor that set EduWorkers apart from the rest of the competition. You may, with confidence, entrust your important tasks of Academic Writing to us and rest assured of the quality and efficiency that we provide.
  • What topics do you write on?
    • EduWorkers provides professional Academic Writing services for any subject under the sun, at University, College, School and any other level of learning. We are continuously recruiting Academic talent, thus enlarging our pool of researchers and experts and with it our repertoire of the subjects that we can handle. Factually speaking, there are no known subjects thus far that we have not assisted students with. We have met every challenge and overcome them successfully.
  • Can you write partial model answers for individual sections as well as full ones?
    • YES! Whatever the requirement, whether partial or in entirety, we are equipped to handle the situation accordingly.
  • Do you offer a marking service whereby I could submit a finished task and you mark it and improve on it?
    • YES! We do offer a marking service but we can only proofread the same; or proofread, critique and mark your work. We cannot encourage students to hand in work that is not fully their own.
  • I have an essay already written - can you change it?
    • YES! We offer this service also.
  • Is your service fully confidential?
    • YES! We fully respect your integrity and thus your details are kept competely confidential throughout the process.
  • Is the work available elsewhere?
    • NO! All of our work is fully custom written, scanned by our in-house plagiarism software and is never resold to anyone. Even if another student needs an essay for the same question.
  • Do you send all the work you have done to a central database for universities to scan for plagiarism after you sell them?
    • NO! Our works are completely in compliance with individual needs and thus are never sent to any external database – University or otherwise.


  • What guarantees do you offer?
  • How does your 'Completed On Time Or Your Money Back' Guarantee Work?
  • What if the work was completed but I didn't receive it? Do I get my money back?
    • You agree that if we can prove to you that the work was completed on time, the money back guarantee does not apply. However, unavoidable technical errors may prevent you receiving your work or opening it properly, in which case these circumstances are outside of our control and guarantees. But we do promise that if we cannot prove that the work was completed on time you'll get a full refund.
  • Who judges whether or not the work meets the quality standard I ordered?
    • Our in-house Quality Control (QC) team ensures every requirement. It is then up to you to verify the standard and contact us within 15 days, if you are not completely satisfied.
  • What happens if I don't believe that it meets the quality standard I ordered?
    • If in case you are not sure whether our services meet your expectations, contact us within 7 working days (excluding Sundays), through your Secure Customer Account area and let us know your reason for the discontentment. If the situation is deemed agreeable (which is most often the case), then we will make the necessary corrections free of charge. Full instructions on who to contact are included in the messages sent to you.
  • How does your complete satisfaction guarantee work?
    • If you are discontent with our promises for whatever reason, you can return your work to us within the 7-day amendment period and ask for your work to be changed, without any charge. In practice, if you're unhappy but the 7 days allowed for amendment requests has passed, we'll usually want to help you anyway.

Plagiarism and Cheating

  • Can't I do what I want with the work?
  • You say your service is legal but is it cheating?
  • Your service looks likes it encourages plagiarism - do you?
    • NO! We detest any unethical practice. All of our work is copyrighted and cannot be handed in as your own. Otherwise, it would be a breach of the copyright and count as cheating. This is against our aims and purposes. We facilitate our experts' knowledge and experience to students.  We believe that a student with a guideline on how to answer any work is likely to understand the question and topic. This, we believe, can only improve educational standards in the UK.
  • Do I need to reference the work?
    • Referencing varies from University to University and thus students are responsible to recheck the guidelines pertaining to the same. Bear in mind that the work is not going to be published for anyone to check or see. Again, we do not accept responsibility for your decision either to cite us or not cite us.
  • How do you know I won't cheat?
    • Plagiarism is quite difficult to detect. Like any educational tool, our Academic Writing Service is open to abuse and it is up to the individual to be honest and assure us that they won't pass the work off as their own. The threat of plagiarism has never stopped anyone from writing a book, an article, lecture notes or publishing an educational website, and we won't allow it to stop our service either.
  • If my supervisor does not accept some or all of your work, can you amend it and what will the charge be?
    • You cannot hand in our work to your supervisor under the impression that it is yours. That would be cheating and a violation of the copyright. We do however allow you to show our work to third parties, if you assure to reveal to them that the work is ours, and we will take their feedback into consideration.


  • How does the order process work?
  • Do you always find a researcher?
  • How do I pay and when?
    • Similar to the purchase of any goods and services, all payments must be done upfront. Simply fill in our Online Order Form by including your complete details and information regarding your requirement, so that our researchers can fully understand your task. Then pay for your order through a secure online payment system. An order confirmation will be sent to you via email to the address that you specify. We will also call you, if we have any questions regarding your order. Sorry! we do not accept cheques. For larger pieces we can accept instalments.
  • Who deals with your payments?
    • All of our payments go through PayPal.
  • What if the work is late?
    • If your work is late, you will receive a full refund. By the same token, we never miss our deadlines.


  • How do I know I will get the work once I have paid?
  • How do I receive my essay?
  • What time will my work arrive?
    • All your work will be delivered on the day, or the day before, your requested date on the order form. For example, if you requested a 5-day delivery, your work will arrive on Day 5 or Day 4 and so on. The usual time for delivery is 10.30 p.m. but during very busy times it will arrive before 12.00 midnight. If the researcher completes your work early, we will always let you have it early (subject to any outstanding balance being paid).

Customer Service

  • How do I telephone you?
  • What are your opening hours?
  • What is your email address for general enquiries?
    • Our customer service email address is - jasbir.eduworkers@gmail.com
  • I need to send you a letter. What's your address?
    • 45, Green Lane, Coventry, CV3 6DH, United Kingdom
  • I wish to speak with a manager. How can this be done?
    • Our general manager is Jasbir. You can e-mail him using our customer service email address jasbir.eduworkers@gmail.com marking your mail for their attention. If your matter relates to the quality of the work you received, you may wish to mark your mail for the attention of our quality manager. If your matter relates to our standard of customer service, or a member of the customer service team, please mark your mail for the attention of our Customer Experience Manager. If your matter relates to accounting, tax, ordering or invoices outstanding, our Finance Manager. If your matter relates to human resources/recruitment, please direct your enquiry to our Human Resources Manager. In any case, if you cannot reach the person you need to talk to on the telephone, please do email our customer service department (jasbir.eduworkers@gmail.com), who will pass on your query to the person concerned, straight away.

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